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The World Goes 'Round flierIn 2004, Liquid Productions presented 'The World Goes 'Round' at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Some of our reviews are below:

From, rated 4/5.

This musical revue is a celebration of the music of Kander and Ebb in which the five characters search for love and their ideal partners and express their feelings using the medium of the fine songs written by these two great songwriters. Liquid Productions have such an abundance of talent they are able to 'double-cast' many of the roles and certainly I am tempted to return to see the 'other' cast as well. Rachel Brown, Gillian Haycock, Fiona Mitchell, Kenneth Pinkerton and Alan Scobbie effortlessly flowed through classic songs from the likes of Cabaret, Chicago, The Rink and Flora. the Red Menace, with panache, some interesting choreography and direction. The band, under the Musical Direction of Alan Gibson, provided the framework on which the whole production hung. So, if you have only seen Cabaret or Chicago before, this would be an ideal opportunity to see some slightly less known works of these composers performed by a very able company.

From Three Weeks, rated 4/5.

Always a bit sceptical about shows that steal hits from Broadway and still call it a musical, I was pleasantly surprised with Liquid Production's performance. The 5 strong cast perform songs from the likes of Cabaret, Chicago and The Rink with such infectious enthusiasm that you will undoubtedly find your toes tapping away in time to the music and they all have strong voices which really compliment each other in the group numbers. Each song flows into the next and the orchestra keep the momentum going. All credit to Rachel Brown who shines throughout. This is an enjoyable romp through some of Kander and Webb's best known scores and you are guaranteed to be humming away to yourself as you leave.

Selection from Edfringe reviews.

Reviewer: Tom, Edinburgh, 4/5
Though I went in knowing only a few songs from the show (those from Cabaret, plus All That Jazz and New York, New York), I came out thoroughly satisfied and entertained. The 5 person cast of this show are all incredibly talented, and I couldn't fault their singing, acting or movement one bit. They each had their own style too, so it would be hard to not enjoy the ensemble performance. The band were also faultless, all evidently very talented, and benfited from a good sound balance with the miced singers. Almost every song deserved its place in the show, and were very accessible to those who don't know them, or the shows they're from. This only faded towards the end of the shows before the final well-known tunes, and given the time of night it could maybe be said the show is a little too long. This is a really top notch production though, and should guarantee a good nights entertainment for any fan of good musicals.
Reviewer: Hollie Hastings, Scotland, 5/5
Fantastic!!!! Congratulations to everyone involved! I loved it; singing, choreography, everything! Hope Best of the Festival Musicals is just as good, sure it will be. The perfect way to round off your day's fringing, just like the programme says!
Reviewer: Stuart McNiff, Scotland, 5/5
This show is well worth seeing, from the stunning vocal performances to the very slick choreography, this is a must see at this years fringe. Not only are the songs surprisingly familiar,they include some of the best known songs in musicals such as Caberet,Mr Celophane,and all that Jazz,and New York New York. Not to mention a brilliant song dedicated to Cakes....Sarah Lee. The band are very tight, and are quite clearly seasoned musicians. From a comfort point of view, this small, but intimate theatre gives a level of comfort unsurpassed at a fringe venue, with proper theatre seating and not a bad seat in the house. If you like musicals, and want to be treated to some of the best performances i've seen yet at this years fringe, then make the journey to C-1 venue on Chambers street, and enjoy an all singing, all dancing musical treat!

From the NODA Scotland national magazine.

...this was a production not to be missed. Written for two men and three women, the cast performed a host of Kander & Ebb treats from a whole range of shows. There was a good mix of familiar and less well known numbers. Due to the length of the run, most of the parts were double cast. Consequently I hesitate to single out any individual performances. Staging was simple yet most effective. The numbers cleverly ran into each other and the pace never slackened. There were many lovely cameo numbers and full credit must go to all of the extremely talented performers. Musically, the production scored through having a small band which gave all the numbers that extra bit of lift. This was a well above average Fringe production.

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The world premiére of Sailor - The Musical Journey was staged in Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline in July 2006. Details are on the show's official web site. Liquid Productions arranged and orchestrated the complete score from Sailor's original recordings.

Here is a collection of links relating to the musical and to various items mentioned in the lyrics.

The official musical site:

Marinero's pages about the musical, including links to the radio broadcasts plus pictures and video of the opening night:

  • (no longer available)
  • More pictures of the opening night are here.

The official Sailor band site:

Madame Pompadour:

Josephine Baker:

Chez Maxim's:

Folies Bergere:

The Louvre:



BFM flierBest of the Festival Musicals 2004

In its first year in 2004, the Best of the Festival Musicals succeeded in its aims of starting to promote musical theatre to a wider audience. These are some of the reviews:

From, rated 4/5.

This show is a win-win situation for Musical lovers and for the companies producing musicals on the Fringe this year. With a compere, five musicals are previewed daily, so it gives the companies a chance to sell their shows and the audience a chance to get a taster of different shows that may inspire them to see in full. The performance I saw had Latin 'Superstar' Dominguez as the compere, Cluedo Murder at Tudor Hall, Jazzamatazz, Once were Free, Schoolhouse Rock Live and the Wild Party. Each company performed three numbers so a reasonable impression could be obtained of what to expect in the full versions. This showcase certainly inspired me to see more of a couple on offer, and that's what the show is all about. It will obviously depend on the line-up and one's personal taste, but as value for money, I think this show is hard to beat.

From Three Weeks, rated 3/5. A bit surreal this one!

Here's an interesting thing. If you should go downstairs to Sweet 3 at the Radisson SAS Hotel you end up on a cruise liner. It's dark, it's heavily carpeted, it's got a closed bar, a not so young audience and a compere called Gus No Fuss who's there to welcome you for an hour of show tunes. Is everyone having a good time? Well, probably. It depends on which musicals are performing their songs that day. With five shows each time, some of it's bound to be good; 'Better than Life' and 'Threepenny Opera' stood out at this performance. It's a good way to ease the decision making process when faced with over seventy musicals at the Fringe and is a fun little hour before drinks with the captain.

Selection from Edfringe reviews.

Reviewer: Peter John Mills, England, 5/5
This is a fantastic opportunity to get a taster of some of the shows you might miss in the plethora of musicals on at the Fringe. Very comfortable seats & great entertainment!

BFM flierBest of the Festival Musicals 2005

These are some of the reviews Best of the Festival Musicals received in 2005:

From, rated 4/5.

If, like me you are a lover of musical theatre then this is a must. The format is that the Liquid Production team, having scoured the brochure and checked out the shows bring a selection of five of the best for a 10 minute showcase of their show, thus saving you the hard work.

The line-up varies daily, so one never knows what's on the menu and that is part of the appeal. The show I saw had highlights of Bus! the Musical that is on at Pleasance Grand, Apocolypse the Musical at C Venue, School Ties also at C Venue, Secret Garden at Church Hill Theatre and The Frog Prince at Augustine's, all of which were good and sold their shows well.

I've said it before, and I'll reiterate, this is one of the best value shows on the Fringe.

From Three Weeks, rated 4/5.

With over 95 musicals and operas this year, Best of the Festival Musicals is here to give you the chance to pick which ones to see. This show is a great idea it has a different line up each time, and up to five performances each day. It gives festival goers a chance to see some of the more imaginative and easy to miss shows. It's a friendly atmosphere with food and drink available, Disabled access too. There is something here for everyone.

Selection from Edfringe reviews.

Reviewer: Laura Sinclair, Scotland, 5/5

This was a fantastic way to spend a bit of the afternoon. We saw Apocalypse which was really funny and the Sawdust Circle which was a bit bizarre. The Fix was powerful and light hearted. Starting Here, Starting Now was very professional and well rehearsed. The girl who did the Sunday Times crossword was especially funny and the Goblin Market was better than expected from a youth group.

Reviewer: Donald, UK, 4/5

This is a great way to see up to 5 different acts from around the Fringe, would go and see at least two of the ones I saw. Judy and I and The Goblin Market really stood out.

Reviewer: Moshin Jaffar, UK, 5/5

This is a very useful way of deciding what to see and you can't always be guaranteed to enjoy all the shows on the bill. Today I saw: Bus - A bunch of toffs prancing about. Some good performances. Apocalypse - Strange undergraduate humour and some irritating costumes and faces. School Ties - Lots of laughs for this small bunch of obviously talented perfomers. Witty lyrics. Secret Garden - Bizarre accents (Yorkshire? Ireland? Gypsy?) and unusual 'choreography' from this American company performing what seems a very worthy adaptation. The Frog Prince - Energetic students from Scottish Academy of Music and Dance. The guy playing the frog was excellent, some of the others were hard to understand.

Liquid Productions ran a musicals showcase in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2004 and 2005, designed as a daily showcase to help promote musical theatre in the Fringe, providing snippets of the various shows. Every daily line up was different. Please select the links on the left for the reviews we received.

Other commitments and developments meant the showcase didn't continue but it was an excellent experience.


"As value for money, this show is hard to beat." -
"A good way to ease the decision making process" - Three Weeks
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