We now incorporate Liquid Silicon as a part of the Liquid Productions site.

Liquid Silicon started off as an Acorn computer dealer (which now goes by the name of RISC OS, see Links) which specialised in music and subsequently Electronic Point of Sale equipment. This is now only a very small part of our business and so any stock we have available will be on ebay. For anything not listed yet, we can take payment via Paypal - please contact us if you're looking for something.

For current ebay items please visit this link.

Welcome to our new site. Liquid Productions provides orchestral musical services geared towards the professional and amateur musical theatre industry.

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We are based in Fife, Scotland, providing the following:

  • Piano, keyboard and synthesiser hire locally and throughout the UK (at normal courier cost) to support the growing requirement for keyboards and synthesisers in shows.
  • Equipment hires to companies performing in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and elsewhere.
  • Wedding/funeral keyboard/piano hire.
  • Bespoke programming/setting up of keyboards.
  • Related equipment such as Octapads and the Xylosynth.
  • Personal monitors for band members (ideal for using click tracks etc. and protecting hearing).
  • Computers and related audio hardware to run soft synths, sound effects and tracks.
  • Music preparation, rehearsal tracks, arranging etc. as needed.
  • Musical direction and répétiteur work.
  • Background music for corporate events.
  • Piano/keyboards, clarinet, saxophone and flute playing in orchestras with access to a multitude of other players.
  • Piano, clarinet, saxophone and music theory lessons (time permitting).
  • Repertoire coaching.
  • Occasional productions of our own.

Liquid Productions originally offered complete hire packages for amateur productions of Jesus Christ Superstar but has since expanded to support everything from complex synth solutions to just a straightforward piano keyboard. They have been used for example in productions of Aida, Beauty and the Beast, Les Miserables Schools Edition, Billy Elliot, We Will Rock You, Copacabana, Tommy, Fame, The Likes of Us, Chess, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Singin' in the Rain, Children of Eden, Sweeney Todd, Miss Saigon School Edition, Phantom of the Opera, West Side Story and numerous pantos.

Please visit the links on the left although a lot of the entries are sparse until they get updated soon. For any enquiries please use the 'Contact Us' page or drop us a message on our Facebook page. Thank you for visiting.

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